Gabriela Wejat-Zaretzke

Hänflingweg 53

50127 Bergheim/Erft

Telefon: 0170/2023574

Email an fotografie@weh-zet.de

USt-ID-Nummer: DE240638525

Steuernummer: 203/XXXX/XXXX - wird auf Rechnungen angegeben

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After our horses images were always used anywhere without permission, we would like to point out that any infringement of copyright will be pursued by us. If our horse photo, a copyright and require much technical skill and each image is associated with an enormous amount of time. It is therefore not fair if our images without asking simply as "teaser" for websites or magazines werden.Wir used our horses are happy to provide photos. The rates for commercial customers (Zeitschtriften, magazines, trade shows, publishing) are oriented to the common MFM image fees. When requests for private homepages or virtual stables and all other inquiries, please contact us via mail

alle auf dieser Homepage gezeigten Bilder sind mein Eigentum und dürfen ohne meine ausdrückliche Genehmigung nicht verwendet werden !!!

all pictures shown in this Homepage belong to me and may not be used without permission !!!

toutes les images montrées dans ce Homepage sont ma propriété et ne peuvent pas être utilisées sans mon approbation expresse !!!